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Pioneer RFD-1 RF Demodulator, new-in-box. This is what you need to process an RF-encoded Dolby Digital 5.1 LaserDisc signal when your amplifier or receiver does not have an RF input: most LD players have the RF output, but very few amps have the RF input, making this unit a necessary step between the two. Here is how it connects in your AV system:

- RFD-1 input: by coaxial cable (supplied) from an LD player's "AC-3 RF Out" jack
- RFD-1 output: by coaxial cable and/or optical (Toslink) cable to an amplifier's "Dolby Digital In" or any jack that supports DD 5.1

A very welcome feature of the RFD-1, is that it also offers two additional (not demodulated) pass-through inputs, one coaxial and one optical, and a selector switch on the front, effectively acting as a hub in your system ! Output will be as follows:
- if an AC-3 RF signal is detected, the AC-3 signal is demodulated and given priority in the output
- otherwise, a non-RF input will be passed-through: the user selects which of the two with the switch

This effectively enables to connect simultaneously both an LD and a DVD player into just one digital input of your amp, assuming either your LD or DVD deck has a coaxial output:
- AC-3 RF output of the LD player > AC-3 RF input of the RFD-1
- digital output of the LD player > optical input of the RFD-1
- digital output of the DVD player > coaxial input of the RFD-1
- digital output of the RFD-1 (your choice of optical and/or coaxial) > amplifier

No other RF demodulator (from Sony, Yamaha or Kenwood) offers that many inputs and outputs. On a common LD+DVD setup, the RFD-1 will likely save 2 digital inputs on your amp ! In short, the RFD-1 allows you to have the LD player share the amp input that is supposed to be dedicated to the DVD player only. This unit is definitely the best way to have present day amplifiers backward compatible with LD.

Dimensions: 202 x 194 x 50 mm / Weight: 1.1 kg / Consumption: 6 W
This model was made for the Japanese domestic market but will work all the same in any country.

The RFD-1 comes complete with a detachable AC cord and one coaxial cable, in the original Pioneer box. This unit operates on 100V, a transformer is necessary for use outside Japan, please specify the voltage you have (Americas' 110-120V or Europe's 220-240V). You can chose to have the transformer shipped inside the RFD-1 box (it does fit), or to have both the RFD-1 box and transformer sent within a larger box for complete safety (but this involves a bit of extra cost).