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Last update: 2012/01/01

Pricing grid:

year      >  USD > situation
1997 used > $800 > in stock without box
1998 used > $825 > in stock without box
1999 used > $850 > rare because production stopped in February 99

Prices subject to availability. Used decks always come with remote and manual, sometimes with box and foam, rarely with cables and batteries.

Maintenance - All CLD-R7G i sell will be brought to Pioneer Japan for a checkup before shipping out, which will result in a change of worn parts, typically the rubber parts but also in some cases the spindle motor and/or the laser pickup, that carries a 3 MONTHS MANUFACTURER WARRANTY. This service is ABSOLUTELY FREE to all my buyers. The Pioneer service and warranty slip will be forwarded to you. I am the only one to offer this invaluable service, it is probably worth several hundred dollars in added longevity to your deck before it requires the next maintenance.

Pioneer CLD-R7G, CD/LD combi player. This is the LD deck Pioneer designed last, in 1997, two years after the high-end models LD-S9 and HLD-X9. As such, it incorporates the final advances in LD player technology: later generation 3-Dimensional Y/C Separation, not found on any model ever to be on sale in North America ! This filter adapts to moving pictures to provide the best possible playback quality. Top of the line US models, such as the Elite CLD-97, only use 2 dimensional separation; the CLD-99 has 3D, but an old generation. The CLD-R7G also offers the D-Extension option (found on X9 as well) to boost black levels, increasing contrast. You'll just be amazed at the quality of the picture, especially if upgrading from an older model; some say it rivals with the S9, though specs show it is a notch below. On CAV discs, access to individual picture fields is possible (half a frame), giving crisp, non flickering pause and step modes. On CLV discs, it will display the frame number (from 0 to 29) and the field (1 or 2). If you have a large collection of LD, this is the player you need to get the most out of them for a reasonable price. Needless to say, it has all possible outputs but one (two sets of S, composite, stereo; AC-3 RF; optical; but no coaxial), can read CD Graphics and LD Graphics and has a "Quick Turn" mode for fast side flips. Remote and all screen info in English. Pioneer unfortunately stopped producing them in 1999.

Video: S/N ratio 51 dB, 425 lines, NTSC
Audio: S/N ratio 115dB, dynamic range 96 dB
General: 30W, 100V, 6.9kg, 420x138x402mm whd

Be sure to check the excellent LaserDisc Forever website for a short comparison of high-end models and other interesting LD-related info. Unfortunately, the CLD-R7G is not mentioned on this site.

Voltage. Japan runs on 100V, a perfect 110W step-down transformer for Americas is included in the price, offers ample safety with a large power margin (the CLD-R7G is rated at 30W), will ship at no additional postage along with the deck. If you do not need this transformer, take $25 off the price. If you need a 220 or 240V transformer (130W model), add $25 to the price. A bigger 320W model is available for $25 extra.

Maintenance. All used decks i sell have been tested for flawless operation and output. I've had so many R7G, S9 and X9 on my testing bench that is doesn't take long to identify any potential problem. However i am not a technician, don't perform laser alignment or any other maintenance operation; i can't guarantee how long this deck will operate before requiring some. Pioneer service centers should be able to maintain or repair the deck, and i can also recommend two proven independent LD player technicians, one in Washington DC, one in France.

Manual. The only official owner's manual is in Japanese. You'll probably find you don't need any help for operating this deck. I'll be available for support should you have any questions you can't figure out the answer to. This is one of the players i use myself and i can immediately find out what you mean.

Packaging. Many used R7G do not come with the original Pioneer box. I am extremely experienced in making completely safe shipments of audiovisual equipment, most being much heavier and expensive than the R7G. You will find the packaging to be of professional quality. For those R7G that do have the original box, i will completely fill all space with bubbles and peanuts, to increase the rigidity of the parcel and better protect the deck.

Shipment. The R7G, with remote, manual and transformer, fully packed, weights 11kg. Shipping express tracked insured is $200 to North America or Australasia, $225 to Europe.

Payment. USD, CAD and EUR are accepted, usually by bank wire to my account in the USA, Canada or France. This is very fast and totally secure.
US Customs. Importing video reproducing equipment into the US from Japan, whether magnetic or optical, is not subject to any duty. For proof of that, please see the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, select chapter 85, and go to heading 8521.90.00, column "1" (column 2 is for imports from embargoed regions). To other countries, taxes may be levied, they are to be borne by the buyer: please e-mail me for details.

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